Digital Development

Digital Development is, and will continue to be, integrated into our School Improvement Plan. SIP 2022-2023 (PDF) [766KB] (opens new window) .

Digital Technology and Digital Skills are essential to success in life, learning and work. Pupils who are digitally literate have the skills to utilise their digital knowledge to enhance their learning across the curriculum.

Developing digital literacy supports young people to be confident and competent in their use of technology, in a way that will enable them to develop their subject knowledge.


Digital literacy encompasses the capabilities required for living, learning and working in a digital society. It includes the skills, knowledge, capabilities and attributes around the use of digital technology which enables individuals to develop their full potential in relation to life, learning and work. Education Scotland (2015)


Digital Learning Documents

Here you can find documents and information relating to Digital Learning in our school.

If you have any questions regarding Digital Learning, please don't hesitate to get in touch Contact Us (opens new window).


Digital Learning Policy

LPS Digital Learning Policy (PDF) [843KB] (opens new window)


Responsible User Agreement

All pupils across the school are taught about, and asked to digitally sign (with support), the school Responsible User Agreement, which is designed in relation to our School Rules of Ready, Respect Safe. This agreement is discussed regularly throughout digital learning, to ensure all pupils are safe and respectful when using technology. 

Responsible User Agreement (PDF) [7MB] (opens new window)


Bring Your Own Device 

Pupils in P6-7 are invited to bring in a device from home to support and enhance learning. 

BYOD offers a range of benefits for pupils:

  • Pupils are familiar with their own devices and have more confidence in using them. They will have the knowledge and skills of their own apps and devices capabilities, which will allow them more freedom to use technology to its full potential to support their learning.
  • Pupils using their own devices will also benefit from having easier access to their learning, being able to continue a project or research, save information and share their learning between home and school.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY we are allowing pupils the opportunity to be in control of their learning , providing more opportunities for personalisation and choice across their lessons.

If you and your child would like to participate in BYOD, please download and complete this form, and return to the class teacher .

BYOD Letter 2022-2023 (PDF) [528KB] (opens new window)



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