Children are encouraged to attend school each day wearing our school uniform and to be neat in appearance. The school uniform consists of grey trousers, shorts or skirt, white or blue polo shirt or a white shirt and tie, a blue school sweatshirt or cardigan and sensible shoes. We discourage trainers or high heels, joggers, jeans, leggings and football colours. 

Children are also expected to have Gym Kit available in school for PE and sports. This consists of black gym shoes, white t-shirt, and blue or black shorts. We believe that children smartly presented in school uniform develop a pride in themselves as well as in the school and that it contributes to a sense of "belonging". Children should also have an outdoor gym kit with a tracksuit, T-shirt, trainers and a waterproof jacket.

Children should not wear jewellery to school in case they have an accident or in case the jewellery is lost. Jewellery including earrings must not be worn during PE classes

School Clothing Grants are available to parents in receipt of a qualifying benefit; application forms are available from the school or online.