Linlithgow Primary School Staff 2023 - 2024


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher:    Miss Baillie
Deputy Head Teacher: (Acting)   Mrs Matos 
Principal Teacher:    Mrs Menmuir
Principal Teacher:   Miss Noble

Class Teachers

P1Mrs Paton
P2/1Mrs Menmuir/Miss Farooq
P2Mrs Buchanan/Mrs McGaw
P3AMrs Bell/Mrs Chisholm
P3BMrs Robertson/Ms Orskov
P4AMiss Crosson/Mrs Ward
P4BMs Graham
P5AMrs Marshall
P5BMiss Ferris
P6AMr Glen/Mrs Baty
P6BMiss Noble/Mrs Ward
P7AMiss Horsburgh
P7BMrs Baty/Mrs Bryce

Specialist Teachers

Support for LearningMrs Meikle
PEMiss Farooq
Expressive ArtsMs Quigley
BrassMr Gourdie
StringsMs Creanor

Office Staff

Administrative AssistantMrs Ferguson
Clerical AssistantMrs Cameron

Pupil Support Workers

Mrs Connor
Mrs Frater
Ms Koevecses
Mrs McCluckie
Mrs Nock
Ms Scotland
Miss Wilson

Early Learning & Child Care Staff (ELC)

Early Learning and Childcare Area Support Manager Mrs Cook
Early Years OfficerMrs Cringean
Early Years Officer Mrs Murdoch
ELC PractitionerMrs Johnstone
ELC PractitionerMrs Cairns
ELC PractitionerMrs Fyfe 
ELC PractitionerMiss Moore
ELC PractitionerMiss Wallace
ELC PractitionerMrs Jones
ELC PractitionerMrs McKnight
ELC PractitionerMs Paterson
ELC PractitionerMiss Russell
ELC Pupil Support WorkerMrs Calvert
ELC Pupil Support WorkerMrs Dunlop

Janitorial Staff

Mr Fagan 
Mr Ross 

Kitchen Staff

Cook SupervisorMrs Nichol
Assistant CookMrs Easton
Kitchen Assistant and Breakfast Club Supervisory AssistantMrs Bradley
Kitchen AssistantMrs McKenna
Kitchen AssistantMrs Gray
Kitchen AssistantMiss McLean
Kitchen AssistantMrs Mackay