We have had another week of wonderful learning and lots of fun our P1 classes. Well done everybody for trying your hardest.


This week we have focused on recognising, reading and writing the sounds /c/ and /k/ in class. We made some lovely crowns and some flying kites, which helped us think about words which start with our sounds of the week and also helped us improve our fine motor skills.

We continue to work on recognising the ORT Stage 1 key words and have been starting to write them as well this week.

We have been exploring Harvest time this week and developing our Listening and Talking skills when discussing as a class what we already know about Harvest time. We will continue to learn about crops and how food is grown and collected next week.


As we come to the end of the term, we are consolidating numbers to 10 (recognition, correct formation, number bonds to 10) and have started to explore numbers to 20. We have been focusing on counting forwards and backwards number sequences, and identifying numbers before and after.

If you have any wee chunks of time at home, it would be super if you could practise counting backwards from 20 (or a higher number if they feel confident counting from 20) with your child, as this will help with subtraction in the near future!


We have enjoyed some long distance running this week outdoors and have continued our focus on basic movement and gross motor skills. It is lovely also to see a sense of community developing in each class as we learn to play team games together.

We hope that you have a really lovely and well deserved nice time at the weekend and please do remember that if you have any questions, concerns or achievements that you would like to share with your child’s class teacher, we are just at the end of a phone call or email to the school office.

Please do feel free to get in touch with us via the office; it is a different time and we know that not being able to have a quick chat at the start/end of the day can be hard and we are keen to have good communication between school and home as we understand how important this is!

Have a lovely weekend,

The P1 Teachers

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