Another week has passed and all the children are working hard in Primary One.

As this was a short week we have spent time going over the sounds that we have learned which are- s  a  t  i  p  n. We continually recap the correct formation of letter, initial sounds of words and developing word building skills.

Here is a video that promotes initial sounds that you can watch with your child- maybe you could go on a word hunt!

We have introduced number 9 and 10 working on formation, counting 1:1, numbers before and after as well number stories. Throughout the week we have also created various pictorams in class which shows the children how to visually display our favourite things such as ice cream or animals.

Primary 1 have continued to spend time investigating the visual elements in art looking at artists work. There has been a focus on shade, tone and colour and we have shared our opinions on how paintings make us feel.

We are continuing to focus on the GIRFEC indicators to promote our own wellbeing while following our school rules of Ready, Respect and Safe.

Staff and  children are celebrating when people go over and above in one of the these area and their name is added to our Wellbeing Tree. The children enjoy looking at this as they pass by. If your child achieves something at home please let us know and we will add it to the tree. You can send a brief description or a photograph to the school office.

Today your child has come home with a pack from school. In this is the key 1 words in many forms. You can support the development of your child’s reaing skills by playing games to build your child’s confidence in recognising the words. Reading will continue in school but, at the moment, a book will not be sent home.

All the Primary 1 staff hope that you have a fantastic weekend and look forward to more learning next week when we begin to learn about Harvest. Hopefully the sun will shine on us all.

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