Dear Adults,

We have had another wonderful week of learning and fun. Here are some of the things that we have been focusing on this week if you want to chat to your child and develop their knowledge further.


We have been learning to hear, recognise, say and write the sounds /i/ and /n/. The songs for these can be found on YouTube to help you. We have started to explore simple word building strategies using all sounds but in particular the six sounds we have learned so far.

Our focus words for this week are is, in,it and no. Perhaps you could look for these in books at home to consolidate the learning.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been investigating pictograms and tally marks and have created our own both inside and outside. I wonder if you can make one at home? We have talked about data being information and data handling being ways to organise information!

This week we explored numbers 7 and 8; focusing on correct formation as well as how to make each number. Ask your child to make 7 or 8 bunny ears(fingers behind your ears) it’s trickier than you think!

Other Curricular Areas

  • We have been building positive friendships and discussing what makes a good friend.
  • The classes have been learning basic greetings and the colours in French and created lovely French flags.
  • During PE Time, we have focused on gross motor skills including balance and body movements.
  • We have explored the colour wheel and mixing primary colours together to create secondary colours. We have been investigated hot and cold colours and how they make us feel.

Have a lovely holiday weekend and have a great, well deserved family time!

Primary 1 Teachers


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