Hello to all P1 parents and carers,


We have had a super week at school. Here is a little taste of what we have been learning. We hope it will make it easier for you to chat to your child at home about their week and perhaps reinforce some of these concepts.

Our literacy focus this week was on hearing, recognising and writing the sounds /t/ and /p/ – here are the links to the Jolly Phonics songs that go with these sounds:

Jolly Phonics /t/

Jolly Phonics /p/

We have continued to practise reading our ORT Stage 1 key words as well, and have been enjoying lots of opportunities to write and mark make through ‘Free Writing’, free play writing areas, letter formation activities at our teaching table and taking part in writing experiences related to stories we are reading together.

This week, we have been exploring numbers 5 and 6 in detail. We have thought about ways to add to make these numbers and have practised forming these numbers in many ways. We have been doing lots of other counting activities in our classes.

We have also been exploring patterns over the past few weeks. We are learning to recognise, describe, continue and create patterns of varying difficulty!

We have been working on our French language skills and are learning how to greet others, the colours and numbers to 12 this term. Perhaps you could eat some ‘typically French’ food together (a nice croissant…?!) at home and look on a map for different countries which speak French.

In Health and Well-being, we have been thinking about positive relationships and building friendships. The children have been very good at thinking of ways we can show other people that we respect them and care for them and how we can have fun together safely.

Well done P1 for another fabulous week – you are all superstars and we are really enjoying being your teachers! Have a lovely weekend everyone.

From all your P1 teachers!

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