Good morning everyone, I hope you have had a nice week so far.Rainbow Kids

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!”

As we come near the end of Primary one and think about moving forward into Primary two, we know how well you will do. We know moving into a new class and new stage can make us feel a lot of different emotions.  Sometimes it make us a little nervous but remember there will be lots of support from teachers and other staff in the school. It might also make us feel excited to start a new adventure. You might even feel both of these emotions and that is ok too.

Here is a little story about how our body feels when we are nervous.

We know that you will take it all in your stride and show your new teachers how wonderful you are.


“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

This is one of my favourite quotes and it is one of the most popular quotes by Dr. Seuss, probably because it’s so true. There really isn’t anyone out that that’s more you than you are. So keep shining bright!

Here is a favourite story of mine that celebrates how we are all unique.

What makes you special? What makes you, you? What would your fish look like? Ive attached a little example below, but I’d love to see your own design. Maybe you could take it with you to primary two on your first day to show your new teacher.

youBeYou2         youBeYou4

Guessing Games - One4kids tv

The teachers have a little surprise for you tomorrow. It is linked to a special animal. I’m going to give you some clues to see if you can guess which animal it might be about.

1 – This animal lives in and around mountains in central Asia.

2 – The colour of its fur and spots on its body, help it to camouflage.

3 – It has thick fur to keep it warm.

4 – This animal is a meat eater.

5 – It has a long tail to help it balance.

Do you think you might know what animal it is? Maybe you could do a little bit of research.Kid Thinking Cartoon Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Happy guessing.

Your Primary one teachers.



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