Good morning everybody,

This morning I would like to share a story with you that we sometimes read in Primary One.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I do. It has a super message about liking who you are and realising that everybody is different and everybody is special.

My favourite line is “I like me on the inside too, for all I think and say and do!” because we all know how important it is to be a nice person on the inside.

Here is another of my favourite quotes from a great (and very funny) book; The Twits.




As we come to the end of Primary One, all of your teachers would like to say thank you to you all.

Thank you for being kind.

Thank you for trying your best, even when things are tricky.

Thank you for making us smile.

Thank you for helping others when they feel sad or alone or are hurt.

Thank you for being so creative and imaginative.

Thank you for bringing joy into our classrooms every single day.

Thank you for being such stars and staying safe and learning at home.

Thank you for being yourself and letting us get to know you.

Thank you for being you.

Please also remember:

Mistakes are important – they help us learn. If someone else makes a mistake, encourage them! If you make a mistake, it’s totally normal and okay. Also remember to ask for help when you need it, other people will be pleased to help you.

It is okay to feel worried, anxious, upset or angry sometimes. Everybody feels these things. If you feel these feelings, why not try talking to a grown up you trust or doing some deep breathing to calm down.

You are wonderful just the way you are. Be yourself and be proud of that! Choose to be kind every day. Being kind makes other people feel great, and it also makes YOU feel great!

Thank you for reading quite a long post today and know that your teachers are really missing you and wish that we could be together because you are all so amazing.

Take care,

Your P1 Teachers

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