Good morning – today we are going to learn some French together. We have been having beautiful sunny days and hot weather lately, so I thought maybe we could practise asking somebody what the weather is like and giving different answers. Don’t worry if you can’t remember these off by heart though, we are just working on our awareness and pronunciation at the moment.

So… here is a little PowerPoint that you can open and have a look at. It introduces different weather words and then has a little quiz: French Weather PowerPoint

The PowerPoint unfortunately doesn’t let you hear the pronunciation so I have recorded a very basic video (that I cannot seem to make any less enormous – sorry!) to help with that as best I can.

Activity 1: Connect Four

Why not try a game of Connect Four to practise saying what the weather is like?

Activity 2: Draw the Weather


Ask an adult to read the French weather sentences and draw the correct weather in the picture.


Activity 3:

Have a listen to some French weather videos and songs on YouTube. Here is a good one to help you with your pronunciation: http://Link to French weather video!

Here is another French song about the weather which I like watching because it is quite funny, don’t worry if you don’t know all the words though, it is just nice sometimes to listen to something in another language to get a feel for it!

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more French today. I cannot believe this is the last week of term. It is very sad that we cannot be together in our classrooms, but I want you all to feel very proud of yourselves for being such superstars. You are all amazing and your teachers are all really looking forward to seeing you around school after the summer to say a huge hello and give air hugs!

Take care,

Your P1 Teachers


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