Good Morning, everyone.

Can you believe this is the last Monday of Primary 2. You have all done so well over the last 12 weeks when you have been  learning at home. Mrs Boyle and I have really missed you all but are very proud of you and appreciate the great effort you and your parents have made.

It is a very strange end to Primary 2. It is particularly strange for me and Mrs Boyle as we are going to be retiring on Friday. That means we will not be back after the Summer holiday so it is a bit sad that we wont get a proper chance to say goodbye to you all. We will definitely  pop in and see you for a visit when you are in Primary 3.

Here is our last set of learning activities for this session. We have included lots of Health and Wellbeing activities and some challenges that you can choose from and try.

Week 12 Learning Grid

Last week we were thinking about looking after our teeth. It reminded me of this story about a crocodile who had a very sore tooth. I like this story because it is also about being kind. I wonder if you can guess who helps the crocodile  to learn a very important lesson about being kind to others?

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Mills


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