Good morning. I can’t believe we are almost on our last week of term.

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Wellness Walk

As part of our health fortnight, this weekend why don’t you go for a wellness walk.

                                                     What can you hear?                                                             Can you hear birds, the breeze in the trees, rustling of leaves?

                                                      What can you see?                                                             Do you see flowers, water, buildings, trees?

                                                      What do you feel?                                                             Is there anything you can touch? be careful as some things might be jaggy. What does the grass feel like on your hand or how does it feel to walk on?

                                                    What can you smell?                                                           Do you smell freshly cut grass, or flowers?

Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths, listen to your breath and be still.  Do you hear anything else? Do your senses change when you close your eyes and relax?


Have a lovely relaxing weekend Primary one.

Mrs ChisholmINQUINTE.CA | TODAY IS: Winnie The Pooh Day

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