Good morning, everyone.

I hope you all had a wonderful Marches Day and had some fun with you families.  I went for a lovely, morning walk along the river and met lots of different dogs out walking.  It was slightly damp when I was out walking and when I got home my family thought I looked very funny and couldn’t stop laughing at me!  I didn’t know why they were laughing until I looked in the mirror – the dampness in the air made my hair go very curly and frizzy and my hair was double the size it was when I left the house!  I will need to remember to wear my hat when I go out in damp weather

I would like to say    Hello   to our friend in Switzerland!  We are all missing each other in our class and we are especially missing you in Switzerland.  We know you are having lots of lovely learning experiences with your family and we look forward to seeing you.

Here is a Mr Men story read by Adam Hargreaves.  Can you remember who Adam Hargreaves is?

Four years ago, in 2016, Mr Men and Little Miss had a pop-up exhibition in London to celebrate the brand’s 45th birthday.  I thought you would like to see this.

Next year, in 2021, it will be their 50th birthday.  I wonder what they will do celebrate that?

Have a lovely day.

Mrs Herbison


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