Good morning,

First a highlight from my past week: I’ve been continuing with my running and last week I beat my personal best on distance. I managed to run 20km in one run/jog. I had very sore legs the next day! I have also made a sign out of some of the materials I had from last years Gala day when Sofia was a Flower Girl. I’ve made it rainbow colours. I hope you like it.

Remember, I would love to hear about your highlights too.

For the next two weeks, we will be focusing a lot more on Health and Well-being. That means on keeping our bodies healthy and active, on eating a balanced diet, on talking about how to keep safe, and on talking about different feelings and how we cope with them.

Please, check out the school website for the P3 resources for home learning this week.

Here are this week spellings.

Tomorrow is a school holiday because of the Linlithgow Marches. I won’t be setting a spelling hunt. However, I might take Sofia and Charlotte on a hunt for the Perambulation Stones and you may wish to during the week too. Especially, as we are having our Health and Wellbeing Fortnight.

The stones mark the boundary of Linlithgow from 1832. Here is what one of them looks like. You could walk or cycle the route which is 6.5km long and I think there are seven stones to find. The map below suggests starting the walk from St Ninians Church which is where we went before Christmas. One of the stones is located right next to it. Check out the map and you can find out more in the Leaflet which I have attached.


Check out my post about this weeks story ‘Paddington Bear’. I hope you enjoy it. During the week let us know how you are getting on by emailing myself and Miss Ross.

Have a great day,

Mr Brice


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