Good morning everyone, I can’t believe there are only two weeks left of school! I hope you have had a great week. Thank you to everyone that sent work this week, I have really enjoyed looking at it!

What are you doing this weekend?  I don’t have much planed, will probably go a nice walk somewhere with Elliot and my mum. Hopefully it stays dry!

I know everyone loved mindfulness colouring in class. I love colouring in too, it’s very relaxing. Here are some under the sea colouring pictures.

Under the sea colouring

Why not try this fun game! Let someone draw a picture on your back, think about what you can feel and try to draw the same picture! I might try it at the weekend too. Here is an example…

Here is a morning challenge for you all. How many words can you make? Each word must include the letter in the middle. Can you find the 9 letter word?

Have a great weekend!

Miss Ross




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