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Good morning P1! Thursday 11th June 2020

Good morning everybody,

Today, or whenever you have time, perhaps you could play some games to improve your listening skills.

Games where you have to listen, wait and then react, or listen and make a decision are good at improving not only listening, but processing skills too.

Here are just a few games you could play at home:


Ask your child to listen carefully to statements you are about to make. If it is a nice statement, e.g. “Everyone gets an ice-cream!”, they shout HURRAH! If it is not so nice, e.g. “Dinnertime is cancelled.”, they say BOO!

I Say – Go!

This game is similar to Simon Says. Ask your child to follow explicit instructions. The catch is, they have to wait until you say “Go!” before they can carry out the instruction. To increase the difficulty, leave a longer gap between the instruction and saying go!

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

Read out a list of statements. Your child has to listen carefully and decide if the statement is true or false, showing you what they think by putting their thumbs up or down.

I Went to the Shops and I Bought…

I’m sure you know this game – the first person says “I went to the shops and I bought an apple.” then the next person has to say, “I went to the shops and I bought an apple and a boat.” The aim is to listen carefully to the people before you so you can remember what they have said. To make it trickier, you could try to do this choosing items in alphabetical order. If it is too tricky to remember, you could encourage your child to draw a quick pic of each item as you go.

We hope you enjoy practising your listening skills!

Take care,

Your P1 Teachers

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