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Good afternoon P1! Wednesday 10th June 2020

Good afternoon everyone,

How is your week going? Have you done anything you are especially proud of? Well done if so! You are doing very well learning at home and sending all your teachers wonderful updates on fun activities you have taken part in. We really love hearing from you!

Bennie is feeling a little tired today I think – he has been sleeping on the windowsill (it is quite wide!) all morning…

I know that lots of you enjoy listening to stories, just like I do, and so I have attached a link to a BBC radio website where you can listen to short stories – Click here to listen to The Hare and The Tortoise!

If you have time, listen to ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’ with an adult and then together you could see if you can figure out what the moral of the story was?

This story is a famous fable. A fable is a short story, usually with animals as the characters, that shares something called a moral. Morals are a bit like messages or reminders to behave in the ‘right’ way – to be kind, to share, to tell the truth, to help others, and other things that I know you are all very good at already.

There are more fables to listen to on the BBC School Radio website, although some of them can be a touch scary (in my opinion!) so if you want to check a story’s content before playing it for your child, there is an option underneath each story to read the full transcript!

Have a lovely afternoon P1, we miss you.

Your P1 Teachers

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