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Good afternoon P1! Monday 8th June 2020

Good afternoon everyone,

Today is World Oceans Day so I wanted to share a PowerPoint with you that talks about Plastic Pollution in the Deepest Ocean.

Plastic Pollution in the Deepest Ocean

This power point explores a science news story showing that plastic has reached the lowest point in our planet 11,000 metres below sea level. The language in the PowerPoint is quite tricky, but it is a great starting point for a conversation about how plastic pollution is hurting our planet. 

I would also like to share a link with you that might help with your learning about time and clocks this week – It is a great way to explore analogue and digital clocks. Perhaps take it in turns to be the teacher and ask the other person to make a certain time on the clock.

Have a lovely week P1, we miss you!

Your P1 Teachers

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