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Sharing a Shell

Hi Primary 3,

This week my story for you is ‘Sharing a Shell’.

And below are the follow on activities you can do. Try to do at least two over the week. This week your handwriting task links to the book, so make sure you complete that task as well.

Sharing a Shell Reading Comprehension

  1. Why did the crab need to find a shell quickly?
  2. How did the anemone scare the big fish away?
  3. What does the bristle worm love to do?
  4. Why did crab not want to hang out with the anemone anymore?
  5. What words are used to describe the storm?
  6. Bristle worm uses the word ‘whelkome’, this is a pun. These are often used in jokes. Can you think of another example of a pun?

Wonderful Writer In the story 3 friends fall out with each other and the bristle worm helps them make friends again. Write a story about friends falling out with each other. How can they fix the friendship to have a happy ending to the story?

Book Review Print out the book review and complete (or create your own version)

Dynamic Designer Design and make a poster about how you can be kind to your friends.

Word Wizard Find out the dictionary definition of the following words and write them in your own sentence: scuttle, proud, share, shy, ungrateful

Artistic Ace Draw a picture to represent part of the story and write at least 2 sentences to describe your drawing.

Question Master Design your own Sharing a Shell quiz or a quiz about seashore animals.

Rocking Researcher Find out some facts about the animals in the story and perhaps some other animals that live on the sea shore

Handwriting Find out Copy out the following passage in your neatest handwriting, you could try joining the letters. Remember to think about the letters sitting on the line, being the correct shape and size. Then add an illustration.

Listen! A voice! And out pokes a head

From the whelk shell washed up by the foam.

“It’s ready, I’ve done all the housework.

Climb on and come in – whelkome home!”

Three fishes sharing a shell,

Happy as housemates can be,

Rocketing all round the rock pool

In their wonderful home for three!

Here are some files will help you complete your tasks:


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