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P3B Thursday 4th June

Good morning every! Thank you to everyone who sent Mr brice and me their work this week. You really are working so hard, you should all be very proud of yourself!

I received lots of comments about the shoe in the picture yesterday most people usually see grey/mint green or pink/white.¬† I see the shoe as grey/mint green and Mr Brice sees it as pink/white. The real colour of the shoe is pink and white. Strange isn’t it? It’s all about perception. Even though you are looking at a picture of the same object your brain processes the information differently from others.



Some of you made fantastic predications about the eggs yesterday here they are..
– The egg in vinegar would explode.
– The egg shell would disintegrate in the vinegar.
– The egg in vinegar would float.
– The egg in vinegar would change colour.
– The egg in vinegar would crack


The eggs had been soaking in the vinegar and water for 24 hours hours and this is what they looked like…

Vinegar is a weak acid and the egg shell is made of calcium carbonate. When the two come together they create a chemical reaction that breaks down the calcium carbonate, and produces carbon dioxide (these are the bubbles we can see). As you can see there has been no change to the egg in water. You made predictions that the shell would come off and that the egg would float in the vinegar. The shell is starting to come off and the egg does float, that is why there is a spoon in the picture to keep the egg submerged in the vinegar.

The results

The eggs have been soaking for two days now. All the shell has been broken down and while this was happening the water from the vinegar has been moving inside the egg leaving it larger than the egg in water. See the photo below.

The egg has changed colour, it has become translucent (see through) and because of this we can see the yolk moving around in the egg, we need to be careful with it.

I had a few issues uploading the videos, its a shame they now have writing on them but you can still see what is happening.

The egg has now become soft, squidgy and has a rubber feel to it. I wonder if I could bounce it??

Elliot enjoyed bursting the egg, he is now crying because he wants to burst all the other eggs!

This is a really fun an easy experiment to try at home all you need is an egg and some vinegar. You could also make coloured bouncy eggs by adding a few drops of food colouring into the water. Please remember this isnt a real bouncy ball, it will burst and make a mess

Someone in our class has been enjoying learning about food chains with this video, I thought I would share it with you all.

Have a great day everyone!

Miss Ross





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