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Good Morning Primary 2B Wednesday 3rd June Mrs Boyle



Good Morning Primary 2B,

I hope you are all well today. I know you will all have had a lovely weekend out in the sun.

Yesterday I am sure you enjoyed listening to Miss McDermott’s story about Jack and the incredibly mean stalk. I thought  that all you budding scientists might like to make a zip wire for Jack  to help him to get up and down the beanstalk.






Build a zip wire to help Jack

( you could use any small doll or lego person)

to get down the beanstalk. What happens if you change the gradient?

After investigating how changing the gradient of the zip wire changes the speed Jack travels down it, experiment with different types of harness and different types of string for the zip wire.

A thicker, rougher string should mean Jack travels more slowly down the wire as there’s more friction than when using a smooth wire.


If you like puzzles if you have time you can complete this word ladder. There are trickier puzzles on website if you enjoyed this one.

As it’s Wednesday, please remember and have a look at our Health and Wellbeing blog page today.  Perhaps you could try this activity with a grown up when you have time.

Have a fun day!

Mrs Boyle

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