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P2a P2b P2/1 Health & Wellbeing - Wednesday 3rd June

Here is the Health and Wellbeing Challenge for this week.

This activity is designed to help your child develop his/her knowledge, skills and confidence to help them respond safely to risks they may encounter online.

Learning Outcomes

  • I am aware of and able to express my feelings and am developing the ability to talk about them.
  • I can show ways of getting help in unsafe situations and emergencies.

Activity 1: Read Jessie & Friends: Sharing Pictures
– The Storybook
 Download and read Jessie & Friends: Sharing Pictures – the Storybook at
 Use questions to chat about the storybook. For example:
o Who did Tia want to send the pictures to at first?
o How did more people end up seeing the pictures?
o What made Mo feel sad?
o How did Ms Humphrey help Jessie, Tia and Mo?
 If you have a printer, print off the storybooks and ask your child to complete the activities on page 4 and 7.
No printer? Ask your child to draw a picture of a grown-up who helps them and, (if they can) write the grown-ups name, all the things they do to help your child, and/or what your child admires about them.  P1 children can just talk about these things rather than write anything.

Activity 2:  Learn the actions to the song!
 Re-watch the song on the Jessie & Friends cartoon, Episode 2 at

Use the actions and lyrics sheets to sing along and learn the actions to the chorus.
 If your child would like to they could perform the song for others in their family.

Please remember you can send us any photographs or messages about your work – we would love to receive them.

P2 teachers and Miss McDermott

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