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Good afternoon P1! Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Today I thought it might be nice to introduce you to some new French words. These are words for things you might see in a school so they will be helpful when we are all back together again.

We are going to use a website to help us say the words properly and to practise them with some games!

1. Go to and log in using the details emailed out. If you are unsure of the details, please email your teacher and they can send them out again!

2. Click on the French flag in the beginner’s section.

3. Click on the tab titled “La Vie Au Quotidien” and then click on the icon titled “Dans La Classe”

4. First click on the “Presentation” section – click on each picture and listen to the French word. Try to repeat the words in your best accent!

5. The “Ecoute” section is a nice way to practise the new words. Click on the different ears to listen to one of the words. When you know what the word means, drag the ear to the right picture.

6. The “Jeu De Memoire” game is a bit like the game Pairs. Click on two pictures (don’t worry about reading the French words, just listen to the voice) and if they match you get a pair. If not, try again!

Remember that in P1, we focus on Listening and Speaking skills in French, not on Reading or Writing. Some of the other games are super but might be too tricky in terms of reading.

I hope you enjoy learning some new words in French. Here is a very silly little song that we enjoy listening to in class sometimes to practise our colours and have some fun!

Good luck with your French!

Take care,

Your P1 Teachers

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