I love the story of the Snow Queen.  It tells a story of a little girl who missed her friend as she had not seen him for a long time.

There are different ways to listen to stories. Below is a link to a podcast. You have to listen and use your imagination.


Now here is a bit of the story. This doesn’t tell the whole story but does show you how to get an app that is full of bedtime stories. Families at home may find this useful.


Lastly, here is a show all about the Snow Queen. This is a different way to see and listen to a story.


Once you have enjoyed all these I would like you to think about all the friends from your class that I am sure you are missing at the moment. Maybe you could make a rainbow picture with all their names on and drop it off at school. Not only will this make our school colourful but your friends will see that you are thinking of them. If you can’t manage this draw a picture and send it to your teacher, through e-mail, and we can pass it onto them. We are all missing our friends but just like Gerda, we will see them again soon.

Have a lovely day in the sunshine and stay safe Primary 1.

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