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P2/1 - Tuesday 2nd June

Hello boys and girls

It looks like the nice weather is here for at least another day so I do hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine and getting outside to play.  Yesterday when Jim and I were out for a walk we saw a weasel out enjoying the sun. Unfortunately we didn’t have any phones or cameras but I have posted this picture to let you see what a weasel looks like.  It is not very often that you get to see them in the wild – especially not in Bathgate!

Weasels have lovely red, gingery coloured fur and white tummies.  They are very small and only about the length of a pencil case when they are fully grown. They have very sharp teeth and although they mostly eat mice and voles, they can catch rabbits and squirrels too.

Below is the link to today’s Story Time from Home. This week’s story writing is a little bit tricky so you might want to listen to the stories to help you with some ideas before you write your own.

Although it’s only Tuesday, I am working in the hub school today, so I won’t be replying immediately to any messages or emails. You can still keep in touch however and I will get back to you on Wednesday.

Stay safe in the sun and have a nice day.

Miss McDermott

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