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Pizza For Pirates

Hi Primary 3,

This week my story for you is ‘Pizza for Pirates’.

And below are the follow on activities you can do. Try to do at least two over the week.

Pizza for Pirates Reading Comprehension

  1. How did George sail around the wide ocean blue?
  2. What did George lose when he was gobbled by the whale?
  3. Which word described how he moved on the beach? And why did he do this?
  4. Why did the captain not want the pizza?
  5. What made the digging for treasure hard?
  6. Write down another joke about pirates.

Wonderful Writer George loves pirates. What do you like? Write an adventure story about a journey to meet what you love. You might meet mermaids or Steve from Minecraft or your favourite cartoon character.

Map Skills  Learn about map coordinates and have a go at the ‘Pirate Map Coordinates Worksheet’. You could also try making your own pirate map.

Book Review Print out the book review and complete (or create your own version)

Dynamic Designer Design and build a model boat that can float. It must be able to carry some pieces of eight (coins). Or you could design and make your own pizza but don’t serve it wet and soggy!

Word Wizard Find out the dictionary definition of the following words and write them in your own sentence: peered, burst, telescope, squawk, tentacle

Artistic Ace Draw a picture to represent part of the story and write at least 2 sentences to describe your drawing.

Rocking Researcher In the book George tells a joke about pirates. Can you find some more jokes about pirates? Try making a mini joke book.

Here are some files will help you complete your tasks.

Book Review

Pirate Activities Just For Fun

Pirate Map Coordinates Worksheet

Pizza for Pirates Comprehension

Pizza for Pirates

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