Good Morning 3A!

I hope everyone has their sunglasses and hats ready for today.  I think it’s going to be another lovely day.  Maybe you could try some different activities outside today?

What about using water and paintbrushes to make fun pictures and patterns on slabs?  Or you could try shadow drawing like this example?

Try This Shadow Drawing Project With Your Kids - Simplemost

This evening I’m going to visit my parents in their garden.  It is so nice to hear we can now have outside visits starting today.  I hope you are able to visit your families soon.   I’m also planning to have a BBQ tomorrow with Mr Bell and our children.  Fingers crossed it stays warm and sunny!

Would love to hear your news via email too.  I miss our morning check ins and hearing about what you’re up to.   Has anyone dropped off a rainbow picture outside school?  Enjoy your weekend and I’ll be back on the blog on Monday.

Mrs Bell

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