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P3B Wednesday 27th May

Good morning everyone! I hope you have all had a great start to the week. Remember you can send Mr Brice and me any of the work you have completed. You can even just say hi and tell us what you have been up to.

I have allocated everyone a non-fiction book about tigers on Active Maths. Feel free to have a look at it, it might help anyone doing some research. I never knew Mr Brice had a tiger at home, how cool!!

Everyone in P3B will know my favourite animal is an Orca. Do you remember watching Free Willy together before we finished school? (Don’t tell anyone I nearly cried at the end!!). This week you have been asked to create a fact file about an animals that lives in the ocean, I made my own about Orcas. Have a look..


Here is today’s riddle..


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