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Never Tickle a Tiger

Hi Primary 3,

This week my story for you is ‘Never Tickle a Tiger’.

And below are the follow on activities you can do. Try to do at least two over the week.

Never Tickle a Tiger Reading Comprehension

  1. How does Izzy paint?
  2. Why was Grandma angry with Izzy?
  3. Which class were on a school trip?
  4. When did Izzy skip past the Aviary?
  5. What did the sloth do to the penguin?
  6. What do you think will happen if she prods the polar bear?

Wonderful Writer Izzy is constantly being told off. Have you ever been in trouble? Write a story real or imaginary about getting into trouble.

Grammar Make a list of 5 nouns, 5 verbs and 5 adjectives in the book.

Book Review Print out the book review and complete (or create your own version)

Dynamic Designer Design a new Tiger enclosure, draw it and label its features.

Word Wizard Find out the dictionary definition of the following words and write them in your own sentence: shuffling, fidgeting, shimmied, walloped, snapped

Artistic Ace Draw a picture to represent part of the story and write at least 2 sentences to describe your drawing.

Question Master Design your own Don’t Tickle the Tiger quiz or a quiz about Tigers.

Rocking Researcher In the book Izzy tickles a tiger. Find out about Tigers draw and write a few facts about them. You could even try making a short video about Tigers.I have provided a fact sheet that could help you.

Check out the webcams at Edinburgh Zoo. Is the tiger out? You can also look for the Pandas, Penguins and Lions.

Here are some files will help you complete your tasks.

Never Tickle A Tiger

Book Review

Never Tickle a Tiger Comprehension



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