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P3B Friday 22nd May

It’s Friday,

Earlier in the week I told you about a rock I painted. I hid it near the school and I am now aware of at least two people who have spotted it. Here it is again to remind you. Have you seen it?

Apparently, there are painted rocks popping up all around Linlithgow. So, I think a good challenge for the weekend would be to go on a treasure hunt to see if you can find any.

Also I want you to challenge me. Earlier in the week one of you told me about a very long walk they went on to Muiravonside. I took that as a challenge and followed a very similar route for one of my evening jogs. Here is the proof that I made it.

It was a tough run, especially when running up the wooden aqueduct steps and then going over the cobbles on it. The countryside park is a great place to visit.


If you want to challenge me, let me know about somewhere you have visited. I might just need to prove I made it.

Finally, here’s a Maths challenge for you. Can you work out how old the teacher is?


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