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P2a, P2b and P2/1 Health and Wellbeing Challenge - Wednesday 20th May

Below is our new weekly Health & Wellbeing Challenge for you to try!

Food At Home

Here is the learning outcome –

  • I canĀ  investigate the range of foods available.
  • I can discuss how they contribute to a healthy diet.

Watch this short this video which introduces healthy eating.

Learning activities:

Before starting any of the following activities, children and grown up should wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water.

  • The child should make a list of some foods they would like to eat at home.
  • With help from a grownup, the child should devise one healthy meal that they could prepare.
  • The grownup should talk to the child about what makes a healthy meal.
  • The child can draw a picture of the meal.

You may want to encourage children to contribute to devising healthy meals over a week. They can be helped to identify what type of food is required.

If you can, take a photo of someĀ  meals you have made over the week and share with your teacher.

P2 Teachers and Miss McDermott

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