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P3B Monday 18th May

Good morning,

First some highlights from my past week: I saw a deer and a hare whilst jogging in the countryside. The deer jumped out of some bushes right in front of me, it was amazing. I’ve been writing a quiz for my big sister who turns 40 on the 23rd, which includes lots of embarrassing photos. Finally, I’ve been painting some rocks inspired by our P3B celebrity. Here is one of my rocks.

I would love to hear about your highlights too.

Please, check out the school website for some P3 resources for home learning this week.

This week my story is ‘Gilbert the Hero’, which I will post about separately. This week it is a revision week for spelling of the last four weeks of rules. Below are the rules you have been practicing. 

My daughters made their own board game which they enjoy playing to practice their spelling words. They also play the game Twister. If they fall they have to spell five words. I wonder what games you might like to play while practicing your words.

During the week let us know how you are getting on by emailing myself and Miss Ross.

Have a great day,

Mr Brice

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