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Happy Friday Primary 1, 15th May 2020

Another week of home learning done and what a brilliant job you have done primary one. I have been so impressed with all of your hard work and absolutely love seeing what you have been up to, as well as your smiling faces in some of the photos. This is a very strange time that we are going through and all the teachers are missing you very much.


It has been a busy week in my house with school work and games. Today we are going to make some smoothies.

Yesterday my boys and I did the rainbow science experiment. It was very exciting watching the rainbow grow.  Have you tried it?


We also have a new routine after dinner in our house. We keep an eye out of our kitchen or livingroom window, because we have had a visitor come to the back of our garden.

This gorgeous fox has been coming into our back garden almost every night for the past month and last night there were 2 of them! I couldn’t get a picture of the other one because it hid behind a tree. I think it is maybe camera shy. They are beautiful animals and just wander around having a nosy around. We make sure we are nice and quiet though so we don’t scare them.


You and the grown ups at home are doing such a fantastic job! Well done to you all!

Keep up the brilliant work and stay in touch.

Sending big proud hugs.

Stay safe and have a lovely weekend.

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