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Good afternoon P1! Thursday 14th May 2020

Good afternoon everyone!

I was hoping that perhaps this afternoon or when you have time, you might join me in taking a little bit of time to stop and think about some of the little things that have made you smile recently. 

Here are three of mine:

  1. I went for a nice walk close to my flat beside the river and it was SO beautiful. I feel very lucky to live near to lots of lovely nature. Do you have some nice places near your home to go for a walk?

2. I came through to my living room earlier today and found this little monkey lying down with all his toys and it definitely made me smile!

3. I found a delicious new recipe for banana blondie bars and tried it out at the weekend. They were a tasty treat!

I wonder what sort of things have made you smile this week? Perhaps you could share some in the comments or have a think about them with your family. It is important to take time now and again to think about all the good things in our lives!

Take care and have a lovely afternoon,

We miss you all so much P1, you are doing such an amazing job staying safe at home and doing all your learning and playing. We think you are all truly fantastic!

Your P1 Teachers


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