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P3B Tuesday 12th May

Thanks for those of you who sent me some pictures of your work yesterday. Below are some great pieces about One Button Benny. I look forward to seeing some more today.









A note for you about Sumdog. The activities we published on there are a guide and we are trying to cover a range of interests and abilities. You can choose which ones you feel are most suitable for you.

Yesterday, I had a go at the sock challenge I posted a couple of weeks ago. I think I changed the rules a little. I would love to find out how long it takes you. I placed the washing basket 4 large (adult) steps away. Remember adults need to do 10 pairs of socks and children 5. Younger ones could do it with the socks already paired up. Here’s my attempt. Enjoy!

PS The child laughing at me is Charlotte, and, yes,  I have grounded her as a consequence!

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