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Good Morning 12.5.2020

Good Morning Primary 1!                                                   

We have been so lucky with this weather and I hope the sun keeps shining on you. 

Now, this morning we are learning about pictograms. A pictogram is a chart that uses pictures to represent data. Pictograms are set out in the same way as bar charts, but instead of bars they use columns of pictures to show the numbers involved. It makes it easy for you to count each line.

Click on the link below to watch a clip about pictorams:

Now, I have made a short lesson explaining what I want you to do. I have made lots of pictograms from the things I have in my house and when I was out a walk. I would love to see some photos of pictograms you make. Please remember that these do not have to be made on a computer or even drawn on paper. Use objects to make them, be creative. I have just made lots of different ones to give you examples.

To consolidate your learning Topmarks has lots of great games you can play. Try pictograms, pictographs game, fishing and interpreting data. Most importantly have fun!

I miss seeing all of you and hearing all your stories. We are asking that you contact your teacher at least once a week to say hello and let us know that you are safe and well. If you would like to add work to that e-mail then that would be amazing. Remember to do what you can and whatever that is you are doing great!

Stay safe Primary 1            


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