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2D Shape P2/1, P2a P2b 12.05.20

Good morning, everyone!

What is your favourite 2D shape?  Did you make a Shape Collage?  Here are a couple of 2D shape collages we like.


Which one do like the best?  What shapes can you see?

Guess my shape:

I have 5 straight sides and 5 corners.  Which shape am I?

I have 6 straight sides and 6 corners.  Which shape am I?

You could ask someone in your family questions like this.  How many will they guess?

Click on the link below to a fun 2D Shape song on you Tube:

Here are some short videos on the BBC Bitesize website which tell you more about 2d shapes.

Just a reminder – here are the links to the PowerPoints and the information sheets:

Have fun!

Primary 2 Teachers and Miss McD

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