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Good Morning Friday 8th May Mrs Boyle

Good Morning,

I hope everyone is well . Today is VE day I wonder if you can find out what is special about today?

Today we are going to listen to Miss McDermott’s story and talk about the words in the story today. Myself and Mrs Mills are looking forward to seeing pictures of your favourite story. Mabye you can let us know why it is your favourite.

Have you been busy with your stones?  I have been looking when I am out for a walk to see if I can see any around Linlithgow.

Earlier I asked about VE Day . This is for all the dancers out there !  I have included this link.

As part of our commemorations for the VE Day 75 Anniversary, West Lothian Council Museums are inviting the people of West Lothian to join together in a V.E. Day dance at 8pm tomorrow night. Central Scotland Ballet School have kindly created an instructional video for us which you can see on our facebook page but can also be downloaded using the link below.  They will be posting a performance video tomorrow morning and again tomorrow night at 8pm (They have included the performance video in the link). Get your family to have a go if you have time!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Boyle


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