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P2a P2b P2/1 Story Time From Home Activities - Friday 8th May

Hello boys and girls

Here is the link to today’s story.

You will need to watch it before you can do these literacy tasks which are part of this week’s home learning plan.

The tricky words below were all in today’s story. Find out what these words mean. Try to use them in different sentences throughout the day.  Please remember that you do not need to write your sentences down.

  • proud
  • spectacular
  • grubby
  • trim

How many of the other words from this week’s stories can you remember?


How good are your listening skills? Remember you don’t need to write your answers down – you can just tell a grown up or big brother or sister if you have one.

  • What job did Hugh’s mum and dad do?
  • Why do you think Hugh would not have his hair washed or brushed or combed?
  • What was the exciting letter about?
  • Why could Mrs Tree not be the model?
  • Where was the Scissor Showdown being held?
  • How do you think Hugh felt at the end of the story?

Here is a super collage that I saw online that you might like to try if you’ve time.

Once you have listened to and watched all of the stories, this week draw a picture from your favourite story.

If possible send a photograph of your picture to your class teacher with a message saying why you liked this story best.

Hope you have a good weekend and remember – stay safe and wash your hair as well as your hands!

Miss McDermott

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