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P2a P2b P2/1 Story Time From Home Activities - Wednesday 6th May

Hello everyone

Here is the link to today’s story.

You will need to watch it before you can do these literacy tasks which are part of this week’s home learning plan.

The tricky words below were all in today’s story. Find out what these words mean. Try to use them in different sentences throughout the day.  You DO NOT need to write your sentences down.

  • lurked
  • pounced
  • creepy
  • weary


How good are your listening skills? Remember you don’t need to write your answers down – you can just tell a grown up or big brother or sister if you have one.

  • How many cats are in the Tibbles Family?
  • What is the name of Billy’s baby brother?
  • Why did Billy not like the shed?
  • Why was Billy glad that he wasn’t by himself when he went upstairs?
  • How did the bed get broken?
  • Who was not happy about sharing at the end of the story?

Talk about why sharing is important.  Can you think about a time when you have had to share something? It might have been at home or even when you were back at school.

If you’ve time here’s a link to a simple  how to draw a cat video that you might like to try . The cat looks a little bit like Billy Tibbles in the story. When you  open the link you might need to scroll down to get the video..

Here’s my drawing!

Miss McDermott






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