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Good afternoon P1! Tuesday 28th April 2020

Salut P1,

This afternoon I thought we could practise some of the French we have learned this year with our French teacher and in class. Let’s watch our French Greetings song and sing together to get us warmed up.

Bennie says SALUT everybody! Can you remember what that means?
Silly Bennie has forgotten to colour in the French flag – can you help him? What colours should he have used?

Memory Challenge!

Can you think back to what you have learned in school? See if you can tell a grown up how to say these common greetings in French. I bet they will help you look them up online if you have forgotten any.

Hi!     Good morning/day!     Good afternoon/evening!     Good night!     Good bye!     See you soon!

Check Bennie’s picture to see if you were right:

Here is a short video to help you with the pronunciation.

Did you spot a tall landmark on the laptop in the first picture? It is very famous. Here is a little information about it:

Perhaps you could research some other famous landmarks in France. If you get stuck, I have attached a PowerPoint all about France that might give you some hints!

All About France PowerPoint

Let us know in the comments how you got on if you tried this activity or if you found out anything new about somewhere nice in France.

Take care and have a lovely afternoon and evening,

Au revoir!

Your P1 Teachers


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