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Hello everyone.

Thank you for all the lovely messages and pictures and  you have been sending  to share your learning with us.

Did you know that today is Superhero day?

You don’t have to wear a cloak or have magical powers to be a Superhero.  Often it can be little things that you do for people that can make a big difference. At the moment there are lots of superheroes helping to keep us safe in lots of different ways.

Have you heard of Captain Tom Moore? He will be 100 this week and has raised millions of pounds for the NHS. He is a Superhero!

You can find out more about him on BBC Newsround.

At the moment you and your parents are all Superheroes. Everyone is doing their best to manage learning and working at home. It is not easy!! Can you celebrate Superhero day by trying to find a way that you could help someone at home. Let us know if you find a way to be a Superhero today.

You can find some more fun Superhero ideas if you follow this link.


Keep smiling and having fun.

Mrs Mills



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