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Monday 27th April 2020

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Good morning Primary 1,

We hope you had a lovely weekend in the sun. Perhaps you could ask an adult to help you add a comment to this post sharing what the best part of your weekend was? My best part was trying a new recipe which turned out pretty tasty and sitting in the garden to read a great book.

Our weekly learning grid and resources can be found on the school website in the Home Learning part of the Parent Zone, but I have also attached them at the top of this post for ease. Here are some related activities that you might like to explore at some point if it fits in with your routine.


Visit the website and explore some of the word building games to help your reading and writing. In class, we have played ‘Fishy Phonics’, ‘Odd and Bob’ and ‘Odd Sound Out’ but it is worth exploring some more of the available games and phases as there are lots of ways to challenge yourselves.


This week we are focusing on fractions and on splitting whole objects into smaller parts of equal size.

Why not watch the following BBC Bitesize song about halving and quartering – – it has a nice focus on sharing!

If you want to take this further, you could give try sharing a some objects equally between two people, or splitting them in half. Tell an adult how you can make sure that sharing is fair and see if you can explain to them why halves must always be equal parts.


We are continuing to learn about living things and their life cycles. Here is a song that you can join in and move to, while the words talk about some features of living things:

We are looking forward to hearing about and/or seeing photos of any visual representations of life cycles that you make this week at home. You are all so creative, I am sure you will impress us!

Thank you for sending us lots of news, photos and questions – we are enjoying hearing and seeing what you are up to. We miss you all very much.

Take care and please remember – only do what you can; you know best how to organise home learning around your commitments and schedules, so please don’t feel under pressure and let us know if we can support you in any way.

Have a wonderful week,

Your P1 Teachers

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