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Music Time with Mrs McWhirter

Hi everyone  from Mrs McWhirter. I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed the sunshine! I am missing seeing and hearing  you all but I hope we can have some musical fun and learning here!

I hope you enjoy this song all about the lovely flowers coming out just now and many more images of the wonderful world! I think some of you will already know this song and can sing along.

My favourite part is the Boom de anna bit which is repeated many times and you could clap along to that part or tap your knees or find something safe in your house to use as a drum. A cardboard box can make a great sound and wooden spoons can be tapped together a bit like our claves! Please always ask before you try to make sure it’s safe!

Another thing you could try is writing your own verse about what you like. I would love to read some of your ideas here so please get song writing! Here’s my verse, try and sing it!

I like the Springtime, I like the blossom trees

I like the garden , I like the bumble bees

I like the sunlight shining down on me

Boom de anna boom de anna boom de anna boom de anna

Good luck!

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