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Monday 20th April - Primary 2

Welcome back! Here are a few things for you to try today.


The Magic Key: If the magic key could take you anywhere right now where would it be? Write a story about the magic key and where it would take you.


 I can write a story and draw a detailed picture.
 I can use my core targets (capital letters, full
stops, finger spaces, present work neatly)

Numeracy: Watch Miss McDermott’s post about measuring. 

What things can you measure inside and outside? Record your measuring.

Who would need to measure things as part of their job? Can you name some things used for measuring?

Craft Challenge!

Can you make something useful from your old Easter egg boxes and packaging? Or try and make something from your recycling rubbish.

Daily Activity:

Make sure you get outside today for some fresh air. Go for a family walk, take out your bike, build a den in the garden, go on a bug hunt, do some accurate measuring or even help hang out the washing!


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