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P1c February Learning Update

This term as part of our learning in RME we have been talking about the golden goal “Do be kind and helpful”.  In particular we have been talking about people that who are special to us and how we can be kind and helpful to them.  We have been reading lots of stories about special people and being kind including the story of St Valentine on the 14th of February.

We liked finding how he helped people to get married even though the Emperor had forbidden it and this is why people now send cards and give gifts on St Valentine’s Day. We hope our special people liked our gifts!

One of this month’s team challenges was the Penguin Rescue.   During the challenge we had to  use  our thinking skills and work together to free the penguin from the block of ice.  However we were not allowed to smash the ice on the floor in case the penguin got damaged. As you will see from the photographs we had lots of great ideas. These ranged from everything including blowing, rubbing, and shaking.   And yes all of the penguins were rescued and none of them were damaged!!


We also completed a very different team challenge  –  to make a  farm animals poster.  In this challenge we had to practise our talking and listening skills as well as our thinking skills as we had to make sure that everyone in our team  drew different animals.  Miss McDermott was very impressed because she thought that there might have been a lot of doubles and we proved her wrong!


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