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Hello everyone, Here is the link to the last Story Time from Home. Thank you for watching the Story Time From Home videos which I originally was going to make just for my own class but thought it would be nice to share with all the P1-3 children. I know that lots of you ... Continue reading Story Time From Home - Friday 26th June →


Hello everyone and welcome back after the weekend! Last week I created an online quiz for P2/1 to try all about Scotland. It seemed to work really well so this week I have made one for everyone who enjoys the Story Time videos. The quiz is all about bears which you can play online by ... Continue reading Story Time From Home - Monday 18th May →


Hello everyone Here is the link to Friday's Story Time From Home. As well as a bear, it includes some pesky rabbits too. I hope none of you are being pesky! Mind you, it is nearly the weekend so you can have some time off from home learning and hopefully do something nice with ... Continue reading Story Time From Home - Friday 15th May →


Good morning everyone from sunny Bathgate! Hope it's a nice day in Linlithgow too. Here is the link to the last of this week's dragon stories. Please make sure that you watch right to the end as I had to add a little bit on! I think my favourite story this week has been ... Continue reading Story Time From Home - Friday 24th April →


Hello everyone! Did you find the connection between today and a dragon story? If you were at school in England you would probably know this because St George is the special saint of England just like St Andrew is our special saint here in Scotland. Another name for this is the patron saint. I wonder ... Continue reading Story Time from Home - Thursday 23rd April →